We’re seeking a driven and creative LAMP Software Engineer to take a lead role in development of a variety of software applications. You will be expected to quickly learn our systems, and use your experience to help achieve our goals in taking our system to the ‘next level’.

The ideal candidate gets excited about developing new technology, measuring the outcomes of development, and making changes to improve results.

You’ll be critical in planning and execution of development on our SaaS platforms. You’re both creative and analytical, as we leverage a variety of technologies (e.g. text messaging, email marketing, digital signage, and social media) to drive results.

You’re comfortable in a role which is a unique blend of engineering and marketing knowledge. Working closely with our product team, you’ll be happy operating in a startup environment engineering highly innovative emerging technologies to early adopters.


  • Strives for constant and never-ending improvement.
  • Understands SaaS revenue generation and has a deep understanding of how SaaS businesses are grown and measured.
  • Keeps finger on the pulse by reading industry blogs and magazines, and by listening to relevant SaaS engineering podcasts.


  • Pre-coding – develop project documentation including but not limited to; specifications and database schemas.
  • Coding – code projects as per requirements, including but not limited to; PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and JavaScript.
  • QA (Quality Assurance/Analysis) and error fixing – develop use cases on basis of standard validations and project documentation; and implement use case testing.
  • Server hosting and maintenance – plan, troubleshoot, and resolve LAMP server environments.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of projects with other programmers to ensure timeliness, accuracy, and avoid potential issues.
  • Oversee the workflow of the other programmers in the department including the development of checklists and processes to review common mistakes and review coding practices to ensure they are compliant.
  • Provide programming assistance, supervision, and mentoring for company’s programmers. Specifically, this must be demonstrated by reviewing questions, overseeing work, and spot-checking programming.


  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
  • 7+ years experience in technical development using LAMP
  • 5+ years experience developing SaaS solutions
  • Experience architecting, designing, and implementing highly scalable, transactional, web applications
  • Experience working with Project Managers to define project requirements, user interfaces and make architectural tradeoff given requirements
  • 5+ years Project Lead for software products
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Self disciplined in a development environment that requires system testing, documentation, adherence to coding standards and naming conventions
  • Highly self-motivated

Knowledge of templating markup, AJAX, memcached, Doctrine, Symfony, Drupal, Twig, security standards, and MVC preferred.


Generous comprehensive benefits package that includes competitive base compensation plus medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid holidays and vacation, training opportunities and education reimbursement, and company-sponsored lunches.

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